What do you charge?

Each project is unique – some require exhaustive research, others need more creative input – but my prices are always straightforward, honest and cost-effective. As every job is always slightly different, it’s best to call me so we can chat more informally about your requirements. I generally work to a fixed price per project, with a phased approach. My rates are highly competitive and well below the industry average. I may not be the cheapest but anyone charging less will most likely be providing a straightforward ‘writing service’, without any consideration of style, tone or marketing objectives.

What does your fee include?

Unless otherwise agreed, my fee includes analysing the brief, writing and submission of the first draft, discussion, evaluation and integration of up to two sets of revisions, then submission of a final draft. Very few clients need more than one set of revisions and more than two is almost unheard of! That’s because I make sure I have a solid brief from you at the start.

I will always endeavour to work with you to provide what you need within your budget, however the fee I charge is a small percentage of the larger financial benefits my clients achieve. Plus, I work quickly and efficiently, never missing a deadline, making my copywriting even better value.

How do you take my brief?

Before I start a project, I need relevant background information (to give me something to work with) plus the following details (so that I can target the right audience):

  • What is the objective (generate sales, pass on information, get readers to make contact)?
  • Who is the intended market (businesses, consumers, existing customers, prospective customers)?
  • What 'tone of voice' would be appropriate (serious and professional, relaxed and informal, hard sell)?
What if the brief changes?

I use the brief to calculate my quote and carry out the work. If the brief changes after the work has been carried out, I will charge for the work already done and quote for the new work being requested.

Do you have experience of writing copy in every sector?

Obviously not, however research is a vital part of any writing process and often, approaching a subject with no experience – and thus no preconceptions – means viewing it from an entirely fresh perspective. This in turn leads to fresh, engaging writing. As long as I have a clear and concise brief, there is no writing project I will not tackle. I have worked successfully with businesses from a variety of sectors and I approach the job from the perspective of a potential customer, not an industry insider. If background material is not provided, I research it myself. If I have any questions, I’ll ask you.

How quickly can you do my job?

It depends on my current workload, but my clients always say they're surprised at just how quickly I produce the work. I also keep you informed of progress at every stage.

Where are you based?

I live in North Hampshire, about 45 miles from central London.

I'm not based in the UK, is that a problem?

Not at all. Wherever you are in the world, as long as you work in English, I can help. As English is fast becoming the global business language, it is vital for companies to produce clear, concise and grammatically correct English marketing materials. So, if you’re looking to bring your products and services to the UK, I can help you too.

Do we need to meet?

Not necessarily. I work with many clients who I’ve never met. I can take a brief over the phone and communicate via email, and it works perfectly well. However, if you wish to meet face to face to establish a more personal touch, that is absolutely fine.

Can I see some samples of work?

Yes, click here to let me know what you have in mind (web content, brochure, leaflets etc.) and I’ll email you some details.

Can you help us with the design?

As a commercial copywriter, I can provide concepts for marketing and advertising, but I am not a designer. However, I do work with a plethora of talented graphic designers and web developers who I can highly recommend.

What about confidentiality?

All of the information you share with me remains confidential, however I am happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if you so wish.