The Ultimate Triathlon

James Ketchell – The Ultimate Triathlon book

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I edited the book, ‘The Ultimate Triathlon’, of well-known adventurer James Ketchell, which was published in 2016.

I also wrote the foreword which has been approved and endorsed by Bear Grylls:

“James Ketchell has shown great strength in the face of adversity, overcoming the prognosis of a permanent walking impairment from an accident in 2007 that left him with a severely broken leg and ankle. His determination to undertake and complete many adventurous challenges, which most people can only dream about, is testament to his personality. His struggle with gaining sponsorship and the task of simply getting to the start line is something that I can certainly relate to.

In 2010, James successfully rowed singled-handed across 3,000 miles of Atlantic Ocean, battling storms, near misses with container ships and eventually running out of food 230 miles from Antigua.

On 16th May 2011, James climbed to the highest point on earth, the summit of Mount Everest. As he neared the summit, battling a lung infection that was to put him in hospital on his return to the UK, he realised that the key to his success was simply just to keep moving and, step by step, he would eventually reach the top. Both James and I have walked the same steps as many great mountaineers have, which is something I will never forget. James was also lucky enough to be led by the same expedition manager who successfully put me on the summit exactly thirteen years earlier, to the day – 16th May 1998!

In 2013, James cycled 18,000 unsupported miles around the world. He spoke in schools and at Scout groups, sharing stories of adventure and fun, inspiring thousands of young people to pursue their own goals. When he crossed the finish line on 1st February 2014, James became the first and only person to have completed all three challenges – the ultimate triathlon!

James is also a Hampshire Scouting Ambassador to over 22,000 young Scouts. Having seen him interact with many Scouts, I know that he is an exemplary role model for young people to show that anything is possible, whilst reinforcing the Scouting ethos of fun, friendship and loyalty.

In his book, James talks with candour and enthusiasm about how he defied the odds and rose to the challenges he faced. He describes his approach to these extraordinary tasks, continuously setting incremental yet achievable goals. As you read James’ story, you will begin to believe that you too could achieve the extraordinary.”