Direct Mail & E-marketing

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Even these days with the Internet, email and social networking, there is still a place in every marketing strategy for direct mail. Direct mail and email marketing, be it a one-off mailshot or part of a wide-ranging advertising campaign, are highly effective marketing tools which can be targeted, measured and tracked. Direct mail is a cost-effective way of targeting your audience and getting your message across. Direct mail should not be merely ‘junk’ mail, so how do you stop your direct mail getting binned and instead getting noticed? The answer is in the copywriting. Your business may be promoting the best product or service in the world, but if your direct mail writer cannot effectively communicate this to your target market, it’s a waste of time – and money. As an experienced copywriter, I can dramatically improve your direct mail and e-marketing response rates by addressing your customers’ needs so that they not only read it, immediately understand what’s in it for them and know why they should respond.