Flyers and Product Sheets

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Flyers, leaflets and product sheets are particularly beneficial when introducing your business to new prospects or even to act as ‘reminders’ for existing customers. They can be used in mail shots, on exhibition stands, in press kits, in reception areas or simply as hand-outs from sales staff. Well-crafted copy for marketing collateral ensures that the message is aimed at your target market. It details features and benefits and explains succinctly and coherently why your product or service is a cut above the rest. Leaflets can be produced in a variety of formats, sizes, layouts and finishes to suit application and budget. They are also a tangible representation of a service or idea, often preferable to just accessing a web file or email document. Whether your leaflet is promoting a product or service or announcing a special offer, it must be attention-grabbing and impactful, ensuring that your target audience will want to read it and take action.