Press Releases

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Press releases not only gain editorial exposure, they are also a good source of free advertising. However, turning some seemingly bland information about your business into an effective press release requires skilful copywriting and knowledge of what editors are looking for. Press releases can be used to announce any news, be it the launch of a new product or an important event. Journalists receive countless press releases on a daily basis so yours must have an instant news hook: it is the idea a press release communicates, which illustrates the theme. It’s the most compelling part of a news release, so correctly phrased copy is crucial. In addition to national and local press, there are numerous specialist publications, trade magazines and online news sites. The value of the exposure and recognition that a newspaper or magazine write-up or product feature can have is often more valuable than paid for advertising. I can write the content for your press release, without the costs of a fully retained PR agency, and I can also establish contacts with leading journalists if you so require. Whether writing an advert for a poster campaign or for, your copy needs to be eye-catching and able to effectively communicate your message to your target audience. Advertising copy may include creating slogans, catchphrases, messages and straplines for printed adverts and leaflets, or even scripts for radio jingles and TV commercials. Copywriting for advertising is not about shouting the loudest, it’s about skilfully addressing customers’ needs so that they can immediately see what’s in it for them.