Why choose PAC Copywriting?

How many unproductive hours have you spent at your desk, desperately trying to write new web copy, emails, newsletters or brochures? Every day work gets in the way, and the content will never be produced. Even Marketing Managers find it hard to give copywriting the time and space it needs and, as with anything else, compromised commitment brings compromised results.
It’s my mission to help my clients be successful. When I am given a brief, or take a brief from you by asking the right questions, I am focused on one thing – achieving your objectives. Using a freelance copywriter means you can use your time more productively, concentrating on actually running your business – not writing it.

I will make sure your copy is:

  • compelling, creative and eye-catching
  • reflective of your business in tone, voice and approach
  • focused on the benefits valued most by the customer
  • completed within your deadlines


Fresh Ideas in Copywriting

Fresh perspective

One of the most valuable things a freelance copywriter offers is an outsider’s view. Whereas in-house staff will naturally adopt your company’s way of thinking, a copywriter – like any external consultant – brings a new and different perspective that can be refreshing and revealing.  A copywriter who works for many different clients is exposed to a lot of ideas and approaches in the course of their work, many of which can be adapted to other sectors.


I can work on my own or, if required, I can slot into an existing team, which I do on many occasions to deliver project success. PAC Copywriting also has a team of associates, so if you needed to commission a larger project, I can provide additional marketing resources as well.  I will take on any length of project, be it writing an ad hoc press release, to creating a portfolio of case studies. Whether you have a one-off project or a regular contract, I can deliver to your exact (often, tight!) deadlines and specifications, delivering quality and precision every time.

Cost-effective resource

If you’re not in a position to commit to an in-house writer, or have a limited budget, then a freelance copywriter is your best option. There are a handful of associates working with me at PAC Copywriting, and between us, we have many years’ marketing and copywriting experience. Whether you’re a small business in need of some expert marketing help, or a multi-national looking for specific copywriting skills, we will work with you to produce marketing copy that really works for you.